5 Tips For Men With Wolverine Facial Hair

What Are You Talking About?

I got a confession to make…I am 20% wolverine and 80% human. 

Not really, but I do have a lot of facial hair. I got it early in my teenage years and it grows back faster than the speed of light.

Honestly, my friends were jealous because I was the only guy in my freshmen class in high school with one of those “Abe Lincoln chinstrap” beard. I can also grow a full beard in a week when it take most guys a full month to grow a beard. 

The downside is that my facial hair is still visible after a shave since I have thick facial hair.  Also, I would have the 5 o’clock shadow by lunch time.

Yea…So What?

When you have facial hair like the Wolverine, it takes a lot of time to maintain and groom so your routine is different than those guys with a little peach fuzz on their face. 

You may heard of the men with less facial hair using no shaving cream or they don’t wet their face or neck before applying shaving cream. If you have the Wolverine facial hair, do you think you can pull that off? 

I’m too afraid to try it knowing I will probably slaughter my face. 

What Should I Do?

You could get laser surgery to remove the facial hair, but you do really want to look like Michael Jackson? Plus, girls dig guys with facial hair so there is no shame for having a lot of facial hair.

After shaving for 15 years,  I was able to minimize aftershave skin damage and get a close shave using these 5 tactics below.  You can implement instantly without spending a fortune.  

  1. Wash Your Face Before Shaving: This is the most important one out of the five. Use a face scrub once or twice a week and a facial cleanser every day to wash your face. It will remove dead skin, bacteria and dirt that has been sitting on your face. This will prevent aftershave razor bumps, ingrown hair and skin irritation. It will also help stand up and soften the whiskers for a smoother and clean shave. Be sure to use a facial scrub and cleanser that matches your skin type (sensitive,oily, combination or normal). 
  2. Use Pre-Shave Oil: Pre-shave oil is one of most underrated shaving products. That is too bad because the benefits are tremendous. After I started using natural pre-shave oil,  I noticed my razor glide was smoother with less effort due to the slickness of the oil that soften my hair. I never had to worry about my razor pulling or dragging my hair out so the ingrown hair and razor bumps went away.  I recommend using pre-shave oil with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, witch hazel or other ingredients that is anti-inflammatory. You can also use it with or without shaving cream.
  3. High-Quality Shaving Cream: If you are using shaving cream in a can, then you are doing your body no favor. It is full of harsh chemicals that can cause allergies, sensitive skin and reduce your sperm count. Instead, use shaving creams with high quality and natural ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil and vitamin E. These ingredients have anti-septic and anti-aging properties to protect your skin from aftershave skin damage and it is safe for your body and those little guys below your waist. Check out our natural premium shaving cream if you are looking to upgrade your shaving cream 😉
  4. Sharp Razor: This is a no brainer but you will be surprise to hear how men don’t change their razor blade frequently. If you have a lot of facial hair, this is important because

    Courtesy of IC

    nothing hurts more than dragging a dull razor on heavy facial hair. It is the ultimate recipe for razor bumps and ingrown hair. If you are using a multi-blade razor, you should change your blade after 5-10 shave. If you are using a safety razor, then change your blade after 3-5 shave.

  5. Grow a Stubble or Beard: If you are too lazy to implement number 2 to 4, then fuck it! Instead,grow a stubble or beard. Be sure to scrub the skin under the beard a few times a week and use beard oil to soften the hair and prevent the itch. A lot of people ask me, “how long should I grow my beard?” For that, I created the “Al Borland Benchmark” for beard length. You may remember him from the 1990’s sitcom, “Home Improvement”. If your beard is longer than his beard, then you need to trim. Easy peasy! 

Wrap Up

I’m kidding. I actually don’t use the “Al Borland” benchmark. The beard length depends on your preference. My advice is if the beard is getting messy, then it is time to trim it. 

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  1. Randy October 25, 2017 at 2:47 pm

    You have it bad, I am 80% wolverine 20% human.

    • Mo October 27, 2017 at 2:03 pm

      Lol, hairy men used to be fashionable in the 1970s. Maybe that trend will come back soon. All we need is one celebrity to start the trend.

      • Randy October 27, 2017 at 4:53 pm

        Who needs to be a celebrity, everyone likes the way I look. And if they do not tough.

        • Mo October 27, 2017 at 5:45 pm

          I like your attitude!

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