Why Commercial Soap Is Crap

Like the title said, commercial soaps like Dove, Dial and Irish Spring are crap!

And no, I am not saying that just because they are my competitors. These companies are multi-billion dollars and they sell their products across the globe. I’m just starting out!

So why am I writing this post about commercial soap?

A few people complained to me of having dry skin after showering and before shaving and they want to know what to do. So I asked them what kind of soap they are using and they use commercial soap! 

I felt compelled to let my fellow men know why commercial soap is bad for your skin. 

First, commercial soap is not really soap. It is detergentIt is just a bar of grease with lot of fragrance to make you think you are clean and smelling good.

Companies like Dove use petroleum and many harsh chemicals to make the soap slick but it strip your body of your natural oil. The natural oil is what moisturize your skin so the lack of natural oil is why your skin feels dry after using it. This can lead to rashes and other skin damages. 

Commercial soaps are also missing glycerin. Glycerine is used a natural byproduct of the soap making process and it is what actually moisturizes your skin. This is found in all natural handmade soap. 

This is why I recommend switching to handmade soap, body wash and face wash with glycerin and made with mother’s natural finest offering.

Natural ingredients like aloe vera, witch hazel, olive oil, jojoba oil have with anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties that can clean and protect the skin.

So if you are still using that bar of grease, do your skin a favor and ditch it for something better and natural. You won’t regret it in the long term.

If you need help, comment below and I will be happy to recommend the right product for your skin.


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