3 Problems With Shaving Creams

A month ago, we rolled out our first product on Amazon with great results and feedback, which is our Premium Anti-Aging Shaving Cream.
We launched the shaving cream first because we believe the shaving creams on the shelves ranging from the traditional mainstream brands to the natural brands did not solve a few problems for shavers. We compiled a long list of problems with the shaving creams in the market, but below are three main problems.
  1. Does Not Protect The Skin: According to a survey conducted by Dermatologists, over 80% of men have at least one skin problem and the shaving products are rarely taken into account. That’s why I believe shaving is the most important skin care routine for men. The skin is the largest organ in our body and just like eating green vegetables is good for the heart and mind, the skin deserves the best care with premium natural ingredients.  The traditional shaving cream brands are not optimized with the right ingredients to protect your skin. It just gives you a shave. That’s why we created our premium shaving cream with high-quality natural ingredients like flaxseed, sesame and olive oil and more. These ingredients loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, omega-3, antiseptic and anti-aging properties to cleanse and moisturize your skin leaving you with a soft and smooth skin like a baby’s butt!
  2. Harsh Chemicals: When y0u are shaving, there is the outer layer of skin that get compromised, called the lipid barriers. This prevents external chemicals from entering the deeper part of the skin. The harsh chemicals like triethanolamine, which is used in mustard bomb, enter the deep part of the skin and can cause skin irritation for those with sensitive skin. So we formulated our shaving cream to work for men of all skin types with no harsh chemicals and it is scented! We infused our cream with natural lime and lavender essential oil. Both oils are friendly to all skin types.
  3. Too Much Prep Time: When I stepped up my shaving game, I started to use shaving cream with a brush, it was fun for a while until it got kind of exhausting and time-consuming. My morning routine started to become a hassle when I was in a hurry. I wanted a quality natural shaving cream that I can apply quickly for a great shave without a brush and a lot of lather. So I also optimized our shaving cream to be brushless and low lather with no compromise on quality. I would just apply the cream using my hand, shave and go on about my day. No brush, bowl or Santa Claus lather needed! 🙂 
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