5 Shaving Tips For Men With Sensitive Skin

For guys with sensitive skin like myself, shaving can be a dreadful experience if you don’t use the right shaving or skin care products and have a proper routine.

Men with sensitive skin are becoming more common. A recent study by Dermatologists in 2011 pointed out that about 45% of men have sensitive skin and I had countless guys ask me how to deal with shaving on sensitive skin. 

Here are 5 tips shaving with sensitive skin.

  1. Change Pre-shave Ritual: Your pre shave ritual is key for a smooth and clean shave.  Before you shave, be sure to use a face cleanser to wash away the toxins and dead skin cells on the face and neck.  You should take a hot shower before shaving to soften your facial hair. But if you have the “wolverine” facial hair like me, hot shower may not be enough to soften the hair, so apply warm water on your face and neck before putting on the shaving cream. 
  2. Can The Shaving Foam & Gel: I have been through many brands of sensitive shaving creams, and the shaving cream in a can is the worst for sensitive skin. 80 percent of the ingredients is water and the rest is lathering agents and harsh chemicals like triethanolamine, glycol, palmitic acid, etc that cause skin allergies and dry skin. Switch to using shaving cream in a jar or tube with natural and quality ingredients.
  3. Take It Easy: When you are ready to shave, the goal is to glide with the razor and not let the razor pluck and drag the facial hair out as you shave. Otherwise, you will risk skin irritation, razor bump, and ingrown hair. So after you apply the shaving cream, let it sit on your skin for 1-2 minutes to soften the facial hair even further. This will guarantee a smoother and cleaner shave.
  4. Go With The Grain: In the barbershop, it is known as “shaving with the grain.” You should shave in the direction of where the facial hair is growing. This will lessen the chances of skin irritation, nicks, and cuts. You may not get a close shave, but you minimize the chance of skin damage.
  5.  Cool Off: After you are done shaving, your skin is on fire. Pat it with cool water to rinse the remaining shaving cream and cool off the skin. Use an aftershave balm with no alcohol. Alcohol dehydrates the skin which can cause dry skin and premature aging. Instead, use a balm with natural ingredients that can heal the skin such as witch hazel, aloe vera, and olive oil.
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