Why Shaving Is The Most Important Skin Care Routine For Men

What Are You Talking About?

The skin care experts got it all wrong!

Recently, I came across an article by the International Dermal Institute and according to their survey, almost 80 percent of men have at least one skin problem and the selection of their shaving products are rarely taken into account. This is no surprise to me. 

Yea…So What?

I noticed a lot of men put so much focus on having the right skin care routine, using the right cleanser, face scrub and moisturizer and yet, their face still looks like the map of the Rocky Mountains.

When I asked these guys about their shaving routine and what products they are using, their answers are usually canned shaving cream or gel and disposable multi-blade razors. I don’t put all the blame on them for their shortfalls.

That’s because most skin care experts on the internet, TV and in person are giving you the usual mainstream advice to wash your face with a cleanser and put on moisturizer every day to protect your skin. I have seen so much emphasis on these two tactics, they forget that shaving is also part of skin care.

What Should I Do?

I believe you should focus on using the proper shaving technique and the right razor, shaving cream and aftershave before anything else. 

Shaving puts a lot of stress on your skin. You are pressing the razor on your skin and then dragging it on your face and neck, which removes skin and natural oils in the process.  If you are using multi-blade razors, then you are removing much more skin and oil!

If you are struggling with aftershave skin damage like acne, skin irritation, dry skin, razor bumps and ingrown hair, here are three tips you can use instantly to clear up your skin and get a clean barbershop-quality shave.

  1. Switch from multi-blade razor to safety razor (check out my blog on this topic)
  2. Ditch the canned shaving cream and with harsh chemicals and use shaving creams with natural and high quality ingredients
  3. Wash your face with a cleanser before shaving and also scrub your face for a deeper clean at least once a week

Wrap Up

If you think about all the skin damage from poor shaving, you can understand why I think shaving is the most important skin carer routine for men. 

So if you are struggling with razor bump, dry skin, skin irritation and acne, it is never too late to reverse it for a vibrant and healthy skin.

For guidance, download our eBook below that reveals 5 shaving mistakes to avoid plus tips you can try to improve your shaving game instantly. 

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