Why Did We Start Wadi Men’s Care?

You are probably wondering who we are, how we got started and why we started Wadi Men’s Care. Well, allow me to share our story.

If you ever walked into a natural and organic beauty shop or visit their web site, you 

will notice most of their products, branding, and marketing is catered to women. Sometimes, you will see a small section of men products, but we always felt out of place when we are in their stores or on their web sites. Why can’t men have natural and organic care products that they can connect with? Even this tough guy on the right cares about what goes on his skin 😉

So we created Wadi Men’s Care to serve ordinary men with premium natural and organic shaving and skin care products branded and optimized just for men with a focus improving and maintaining the health of our skin.

Wadi Men’s Care was built by men, just for men. That means no pink or purple packaging and no flowery images. That’s our promise.

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